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Brakes & Clutch Service

Brakes maintainance is important in helping ensure the safty of your vehicle and others arround.

Brakes & Clutch Service

We provide various services related to brake, brake Pad Replacement, adjust Handbrake Adjustments.
Some of ther services are listed below
* Brake and clutch repair
* Brake pad replacement
* Adjust handbrake
* Machining brake rotors & drums
* Carry out clutch replacement
* Carry out brake booster replacement
* Carry out clutch slave cylinder replacement
Our experienced technicians know every part of your brake and clutch system. We can perform brake and clutch repair on any makes and model.

From Start to Finish

Our brake check facility gives a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle’s brakes, and whether you need new brake pads, brake discs or if the braking system itself is in need of repair. All elements are inspected as per the manufacturer’s specification, which means 13 Auto Service Center will help you get your brakes back to the most efficient standards set. To get a free brake inspection, contact us today.

In case you are in any doubt that your clutch is actually faulty we will complete a clutch check while you wait. Through our expert diagnosis we will be able to tell if your clutch is faulty before we start any work on your vehicle. Consult with us to enquire.

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